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Mario Enrique Torres Moreno
Greetings, I loved your journal about Puerto Rico and I envy what you two are doing. Altought I have an observation to place. I have traveled a lot, mostly job related. I have been in most of the caribbean island, and a lot of us cites and what I enjoyed most is eating. In Puerto Rico you just ate junk food, and there are a lot of places to have a decent food in every place you visited. You can have arroz con habichuelas with any kind of meat in any fonda for lunch for and average price of $3.00. And some other more expensinve good restaurants. That is what I enjoy more when I travel, try their local food.
Friday April 18 2008 19:32:53 - Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Mario. We've been called out a hundred times for not eating the local food in P.R. We promise to make seeking out local specialties a priority on our next trip to Puerto Rico.

Best wishes to you and your life on your little piece of paradise!

It is so beautiful, so awesome. I would dearly love to do such a trip. Googled for some photos about Redwall Cavern and stumbled upon you guys. All you need on your next trip is me and my guitar! Have done the Fishriver Canyon over here(second largest in the world but really small by comparison) See you soon - the worlds a small place(sister lives in New Jersey :) Naas Vermaak - Cape Town
Thursday April 3 2008 12:33:14 - Cape Town - South Africa

John Goetz
I miss your head exploding on the home page.
Sunday March 23 2008 20:30:02 - New Fairfield, CT

B and Moon
That blonde selling pretzels at Oktoberfest is the Miss April 2008 Playboy bunny!!! PROST!!!!!!
Thursday March 13 2008 19:03:49

Webmaster comments   Hey Brian, Nice catch!!! I'm not 100% sure it's her, but some others think it probably is as well. Either way, I enjoyed doing the image search to compare their pictures to ours.

yolanda garcia
cool pics!!! plan to go through ur all of them.
Saturday March 8 2008 12:02:50 - chicago

Hey there, Thanks for posting this info. We (my husband & I) are considering a similar tour of Yellowstone and Glacier this Fall. Now, I know to pack a cooler with groceries to avoid dining gas station style. I enjoyed reading about your trek. Cheers!
Friday February 22 2008 11:31:37 - Atlanta

Kathy Villegas
Hi! Thank you so much for this virtual trip! My great-grandmother was from Puerto Rico and I hope to be the one in my generation to make a pilgrimage back to the island. I couldn't help but laugh at some of your experiences, especially the warning you heeded (wisely) not to wander into La Perla. Again, thanks from a lost daughter of Borinquen, mi Isla del Encanto.
Friday February 8 2008 07:56:46 - Jackson, MS

Joe Lenzi
First of all, thanks for being so gracious as to share your trip to Puerto Rico with everyone. I'll be 60 this year and your adventure remindss me of a trip my wife and I took through Taxco/ Zihuatenejo Mexico about 30 years ago. We took our honeymoon before we got married. In March we're headed for PR for the first time_ with two teenage kids. Wish me luck. I'm hoping the rum is good. Your pictures and stories have really helped. I always want to see the real people wherever we go. I'm not so sure my kids do, so we'll stick to day trips with returns to the "Softside Resort" in the evening. Traveling through someone else's home town can be awful, wonderful, curious, disgusting, and/or just plain freaky. Ya gotta love it. I am really enjoying reading about your adventures. Thanks. Joe in Richmond
Friday January 18 2008 20:29:06 - Richmond, VA

Pamela Neighbors
Jana and Tom , I loved reading about the trip. I do not need to go now because I have been there already with you. It sounded exciting and scarey at the same time. I am glad you made it back safe and sound. Where is your next adventure to?
Thursday January 17 2008 17:24:47 - Edmond, Oklahoma

I was looking for the Hacienda Margarita, that is how I found your website. It makes me look forward to the trip even more, your pictures bring the landscape alive. We are going to be doing 14 days of Puerto Rico in March of this year.
Thursday January 17 2008 06:11:05 - Haarlem, the Netherlands

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