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Guys, this site was an inspiration. We are now heading off in a few weeks time on our safari: Johannesburg- Sossusvlei-Damaralan
d-Etosha-Caprivi- South Luangwa-Chobe-Johann
esburg. We'll do a report like this upon return.
Sunday August 2 2009 00:05:54 - Sydney, Australia

Webmaster comments   Well, you MUST send a link to your trip report! We hope you've looked at the links on our main Africa page... you'll find more recent info than our report. We just showed up for a couple weeks and soaked up as much as we could.

DJ Snider
Hi, Tom and Jana, I strayed onto your guest book quite by accident. It was good to read your story about our work in Progreso Nuevo! It was like visiting with you in person. We have stayed in contact with Ed and Joan and Bob and Nellyne through the years since. We are enjoying life in NM and are leaving tomorrow for our Mission Experience near the Copper Canyon, Chihuahua. We hope to be back home on July 5. God Bless!
Saturday June 27 2009 09:33:18 - Ft. Sumner, NM

Jim W.
I enjoyed reading about your trip. We are planning a trip for next year flying into Maun and picking up a 4x4 with Safari Drive. We are planning on staying at Kwhai, Savuti and Chobe lodges but driving in between them dropping the car off in Kasane. After reading your report of the sand road "Worst Road in the World" I'm not as sure in presnting this to my wife as I was while reading Bradt's analysis. Were you provided a satelite phone as well?
Thursday June 11 2009 01:41:13 - chicago

Webmaster comments   Please do not let anything we wrote deter you from your trip to Africa! We did not rent a satellite phone, but it's not a bad idea. A few extra $ for a little peace of mind. If you want to be a little smarter about your trip than we were, prepare by learning how to really drive a 4x4 before you go. We had never driven a 4x4 in conditions anything like that before, but others we met with some experience were getting along much better than we were. Also be sure you can navigate by GPS. We just had a little hand-held one that we used in conjunction with the Bradt Guide and the Shell Tourist Maps of Moremi and Chobe. Get those maps if you haven't already.

Anyone who can should see Moremi and Chobe. It will make an impression on you forever. Go.

crystal rawlins
I found your page when doing a search for the 800 year old buddha located on Avery Island, in New Iberia, LA. I am from Lafayette LA and visited the island when I was apx 7 years old. I am now 37, live in New Iberia and have not been back to see the island. The only thing I have seen is the shorebank when my husband and I go fishing. I really need to go and see what is in my backyard.
Monday May 18 2009 07:54:49 - New Iberia, LA

I could never take a vacation and be just as entertained by your page.
Sunday May 17 2009 12:18:22 - Atlanta

Tracy Ann Ross
Thanks for the pictures and commentary on the Eagle's Nest. You helped verify some ridiculous story my father told me about his time in Germany! LOL!
Saturday May 16 2009 01:40:19 - Vegas, Baby!

Webmaster comments   Hey, you cant just make this comment without telling us the ridiculous story!

Juan C
I was searching for pictures of Puerto Rico and came across this blog of your trips. Is really excellent and loved it. The plaza of Adjuntas was renewed and looks nothing like the one you saw. I'll try to take or find pictures and upload then to a public server so everyone can enjoy.
Monday May 4 2009 07:54:47 - Ponce, Puerto Rico

Steve Goetz
Glad you got your leg back from that alligator.
Thursday April 16 2009 19:16:07 - New Carlisle, Indiana

Fell upon your Midwest trip, trying to find an old friend named Jana from Collinsville, IL. But I browsed your pictures to see what else I should take my kids to next time I am around there. Anyway, under caption Artwork at an abandoned quarry, the painting is of the Piasa bird dating back to the Native American legend of a very large bird. It was originally carved into the river bluffs, but was blasted to make the road. Jacques Marquette wrote about it in his journal during the explorations. They had a painting elsewhere when I was a child in the 1970's. Nice phootos! I'm taking my kids to see the Alton statue and chair!
Tuesday April 14 2009 09:00:44 - Virginia

Wow, it looks like you guys had a really good time! I think NZ looks beautiful. I'd love to take a trip there sometime. How did i find you? I google imaged NZ Countryside and clicked on one of your pictures. THe one with the waterfall and the cows. Absolutely beautiful scenery. :)
Saturday February 7 2009 12:11:03 - KY

Webmaster comments   Jana made an enlargement of that photo and it's displayed in our hallway. much better to see NZ in person, though!

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