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Hi I am planning a trip along La Ruta Panoramica on a Motorcycle and I was wondering where you got your map that you posted online? All the best. -Alexander-
Saturday February 6 2010 14:39:53 - NYC

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Don Micklon
It's always fun to read from a Youngster's view. I say this because Sing Sing Sing will be forever associated with the 1937 Carnegie Hall Concert by Benny Goodman. What really set it off was the 5 minute drum solo by Gene Kruba. I also noted that you arrived at the Haupt banhof and didn't stop at the best Bier Garten in Munich - Meir's Beir Stadt; Meyer's Beer City. Its not nearly as touristy as the Lowenbrau Brewery's Hofbrau Haus. DRM
Wednesday December 16 2009 13:09:45 - I'm a snow bird; now in Lakeland,FL

jim meldrum
thanks for the laffs. we're going in june 2010 and were going to spend 3 days in naguabo (se) and then drive the ruta to rincon for 7 days. now i'm not so sure. we travel alot like you although we're older and we've had especially fun drives in costa rica-2 wks, and the yucatan, 2 wks twice! just looking for a change
Thursday December 10 2009 08:18:31 - oil city , pa. usa

Next time you come to Puerto Rico you should try more local foods instead of eating at Subway, Wendy's and other fast food joints. I am sure your guide books and names of local cheap good restaurants.
Monday October 19 2009 07:52:31 - Puerto Rico

ben e. mccoy
ah, you young people, living life -- while it lasts! hopefully, when you get a little older, time will thin out your vinegar allowing you to UNDERSTAND that the Global Positioning System has only been around for a relatively short period. that big monument you spoke of was placed there long, long ago (pre-GPS -- even before my era) when triangulation by sun and stars was used to give a basic estimate reference of where the world's equator was thought to be in Equador. so give it rest, huh, younglings! for one day in the future, your so-called "exact" little alternate equator monument will also be proven to be incorrectly placed by say, a few yards, inches, centimeters, nanometers, and on and on -- get it?! as the great Albert Einstein once said, "Everything is relative," so think about this the next time you go trotting about in someone else's turf, oak? sincerely, Old Man Eloquent.
Thursday September 24 2009 10:47:11 - Northern California, US of A.

Que guay tu viaje! Yo soy de Aibonito Puerto Rico y a la verdad que tus fotos y relatos me hicieron extranar mi isla del encanto.
Sunday August 30 2009 15:32:56

Hi: Thanks for sharing your trip. I have attended Octoberfest several times long ago and this brought back some good memories. Looks like you all had a good time! Scotty
Sunday August 30 2009 02:56:42 - Bay area, California

Hi Read your jounal and had to laugh! Lots of good stuff in there that reminds me of home - Zimbabwe. Thanks for writing it up, go well, enzo www dot africa4x4overland dot com
Thursday August 20 2009 17:43:42 - England

I loved your pictures of your trip to Yellowstone, et al! I'm passing through Soda Springs next week and found your page while searching for info on the geyser and the Monsanto slag pile. It looks like you had a fantastic trip!
Saturday August 15 2009 22:03:03 - Cambridge, MA

Ana Perez
Beautiful photos . can't wait to go to PR in September
Saturday August 8 2009 19:32:10 - Florida

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