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Thank you for this tour.
Thursday August 12 2010 01:01:07 - California

Loved you pictures. I was looking at your grand canyon pics. Then went to your homepage and see that you live in Knoxville too!
Tuesday July 20 2010 13:44:51 - Parkridge neighborhood, Knoxville

Troy Brown
Hi, We did this trip but started in San Fran--also didn't miss the Wineries. It was in Feb--Elephant Seal mating time!!
Sunday May 30 2010 09:07:43 - Indiana

Alice Kawan
Loved your pictures. I think you visited more sights than we have in our several trips up the coast. See San Simeon someday. It's way better than the Biltmore. You didn't mention Ghiradelli chocolate in San Fran. Hope you had some. Always enjoy your travel journals.
Saturday May 29 2010 21:17:35

Gareth Gillingham
Enjoyed following your travels very much. All extremely interesting. In the Summer weare travelling from SF through Lake Tahoe, SLC, Moab, Yellowstone, Glacier Vancouver Seattle back to SF. Your photos and commentary gave us a taster of what it will be like although probably busier in July and August Thank you for your efforts.
Sunday April 11 2010 13:49:45 - Wales UK

Webmaster comments   We will soon be posting our journal from last month's trip to San Francisco and Big Sur. Check back in a few weeks!

Bravo on your driving trip in southern Africa! We are planning a self-drive in Zambia only (no border crossings!) in September, and your vehicle "issues" are not the first we have seen. We'll hope for the best, but expect a few vehicle "issues" of our own.
Thursday March 18 2010 00:18:17 - Monterey Bay area, California

Bradley Hogue
I wanted to ask you about La Ruta Panoramica in Puerto Rico. I'm going in March but time's an issue. What's the best part? Is the stretch east of Cayey enough to get the full experience of it, or should we roll west of Cayey towards Barranquitas & Adjuntas, or finally, should we just wait till we leave Rincon & roll east of Mayaguez then down to Ponce on our way back to the airport. We can probably do one of the stretches but not all 3. What do you recommend? THANK YOU for your time.
Monday February 15 2010 22:19:12 - Nashville TN

Webmaster comments   We left the Ruta Panoramica before we got to Cayey, so I couldn't say anything about what's east of it. I don't mean to dodge your question, but all of it was nice. If you picked any part between Maricao and Aibonito you'd do fine. Just pick a section that works with the rest of your schedule, and not too much out of the way. Have fun!

Barbara Figge Fox
Just looked at your midAtlantic tour. You did well in Baltimore (my home town) but next time you get to Maryland, save some time for the Annapolis water taxi and dinner at Carroll's Creek!
Sunday February 14 2010 12:14:29 - Princeton NJ

Hi I am planning a trip along La Ruta Panoramica on a Motorcycle and I was wondering where you got your map that you posted online? All the best. -Alexander-
Saturday February 6 2010 14:39:53 - NYC

Webmaster comments   Here they are:

Don Micklon
It's always fun to read from a Youngster's view. I say this because Sing Sing Sing will be forever associated with the 1937 Carnegie Hall Concert by Benny Goodman. What really set it off was the 5 minute drum solo by Gene Kruba. I also noted that you arrived at the Haupt banhof and didn't stop at the best Bier Garten in Munich - Meir's Beir Stadt; Meyer's Beer City. Its not nearly as touristy as the Lowenbrau Brewery's Hofbrau Haus. DRM
Wednesday December 16 2009 13:09:45 - I'm a snow bird; now in Lakeland,FL

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