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Thank you for visiting our Island. It's amaizing how well and quickly you guys learn about us.I enjoy your journal. And the pictures where beatiful. Also I have to laught while I was reading. Last summer I took my son(11)and my daughter(13) born and raise in Fla. for a road trip of the north part of the Island. They loved jumping from the rocks of La Mina, while I worried watching and taking photos. But I like the best how you describe their driving. You are absolutle right. Even my son and co-pilot kept telling me how to drive. At the end of our vacation I was driving as aggresive as they do. And using the horn of the car.Something that I hardly use in Florida. My home is Fla. but I like the green landscaping of the island and love the ocean. I'm glad somebody us enjoyed too.

Wednesday, March 10 2004 12:51:22 - Longwood,, Fla. U.S.

Juan Rivas
Hey,just took a 'tour' with you guys during your trip to Puerto Rico. I was born there and lived there until I was around 9 years old when I came to the US. I dare say that you guys have seen more of the island than I have..your journal has inspired me to rent a car the next time I'm there and just taking off and exploring on our least when my sister, brother and brother-in law will permit us to go on our own anyway. Juan

Wednesday March 10 2004 00:20:19 - Lacey, WA USA

Tom Goetz |
Welcome to our new guestbook! I had to take the email address off our pages because we were just getting too much spam. Still, we love hearing comments from people who have stumbled across our pages, so we set up this guestbook. Please add to it! -Tom Goetz
Monday March 08 2004 21:29:41 - Knoxville, TN USA

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