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dawn eades
my daughter is traveling to bolivia in july and as a mum i have been quite worried but after reading about your adventures i feel a little better about it. i would be gratful if you could give me any information that might be useful to her, thanks - a worried mum!!
Tuesday June 1 2004 14:11:54 - north yorkshire,england

Webmaster comments   Don't worry, Mum! Tom and I felt very safe while traveling in Bolivia. I'm feeling jealous of your daughter now. I wish we were going back tomorrow. There's still a lot left we didn't see. Tell her to allow plenty of time when traveling from town to town, as transportation surely doesn't run like clockwork.

The language was a bit of an obstacle. English isn't as ubiquitous in Bolivia as it is in many places. We only speak a little what I like to call "Tarzan Spanish." For example: "Need room." "How much?" But whenever we ran into difficulty, there seemed always to be a German nearby who spoke Spanish and flawless English. They didn't seem to mind translating. I think it made them feel superior! And the Bolivians were all very patient with us and made as much effort to communicate with us as we did with them.

Bolivia is a beautiful and colorful country. Your daughter is going to have a great time.

Jana and Tom

Fran |
I enjoy reading your stories about your travels.
Tuesday May 25 2004 15:06:30 - Germany

Mirta Sepulveda - Reyes
I am Puerto Rican, but came to the US very young. You have taken pictures of places in Puerto Rico I had no idea existed. Thanks for that! I am curious about one thing, of all the places you went to eat fast foods, did you ever try the ethnic Puerto Rican food, like rice and beans, meats, patties, desserts, fruits and vegetables?
Sunday March 28 2004 23:06:42 - Union City, New Jersey

Webmaster comments   A lot of people have commented that we didn't eat the local food in Puerto Rico. Just laziness, I suppose, that we didn't try to find the typical local food. Familiar resturaunts were everywhere, so we ate like we would have traveling stateside. We'll sample all of it on our next trip. -Tom

Jose Delgado
I really enjoyed your take on the island and the photos were great. It gave me ideas of how to get to know the island when I return in July. I left when I was about 9 yrs old and have returned a few times over the years.
Friday March 26 2004 19:57:21 - I live in NJ.

Tom and Jana you're site rocks!!!!! The pictures you've captured are absolutely incredible. Looking forward to seeing another site in the future.
Saturday March 20 2004 08:05:10 - New York

Josh Self |
I really enjoyed yall's Puerto Rico journal. We are going there on our honeymoon this week. Great pictures too!
Thursday March 18 2004 00:24:56 - Birmingham, AL

Farrah Gonzalez
This site is a great resource. Being from the Island, I enjoyed your picture, brought back many memories from my last trip.
Way to go!
Wednesday March 17 2004 13:45:36 - United States

leaving for pr tomorrow for the third time in 10 years , now older and wiser i hope enjoyed your trip thanks
Monday March 15 2004 19:18:17 - new york,

Alba Abraham
It's good to see all the "espectacular" scenery from my beautiful island. Haven't visited there for 13yrs. I'm sure you enjoyed it, because I have through you. THANKS.
Saturday March 13 2004 18:19:20 - Kissimmee, FL USA

Olga Villa
I just finished reading your journal (it was emailed to me by a dear friend). I found it very interesting, and I really loved the way you narrated your day by day vacation experience in P.R. with humor and very assertive comments.I am "puertorriqueña and some of the thigns you went through I have seen it.Iam glad Jane survived (and learn) the way we drive here, congrats!you are a pro!
One other thing, about the sculptures, let me tell you, some of them we don't even know what they are and what they means,but I will find out and let you know. Thanks for capture the beauty of our island in those pictures,there are breathtaking and I hope you receive a little bit of this 90 dregree heat and fresh palm breeze with this e-mail.
Bye Jane, Bye Tom. Adiós, hasta luego.
Thursday March 11 2004 08:59:32 - SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO

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