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Euan Gerard Keenan | my phone number is, 07969298232
Wot up with the [excrement] website, [female dog]. The Zapatistas rule. VIVA EZLN. So [bless] u.ha ha ha ha ha ha
I live in the sleepy town of prestwick in north ayrshire in scotland
Tuesday July 20 2004 05:25:03 - in ur[ine]

Webmaster comments   Sorry, buddy, but I had to edit a few words of your post. Children do visit this site from time to time, and I don't want to hear it from their folks. Hopefully I didn't alter the spirit of your post.

I used to sympathize with many of the EZLN issues, but their tactics are a real turn-off. Example: the seizure of Rancho Esmeralda in March, 2003. That caused the loss of many Mexican jobs, as have some of their other anti-traveler tactics.

I also disagree with their fundamentally Marxist platform. Socialism is for wussies. I agree that things are tough for many of the people in Chiapas, but making things worse for ALL the people really is not a good alternative.

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nice site, keep it up.
Tuesday July 13 2004 04:57:30 - usa

Craig Anderson
Great web page. A lot of work! Learned a lot a enjoyed the humor.
Friday July 9 2004 22:34:22 - Colorado

i'm from venezuela living now in cleveland-ohio bud.
Thursday July 8 2004 17:04:51 - cleveland-ohio

Chuck D
Had a look at your journal for your trip to Japan. I'm planning a trip myself and was curious about your journey to Nagasaki. Did you use the Nozomi Shinkansen, or was there another JR service? Just asking cause the JR tourist ticket doesn't appear to be valid for this class of train so wanted to know if you used another service, and how long it took to get there.

P.S. Just read your tour of the's kinda funny reading about what other people think about visiting my home country.

Thanks in advance.
Monday July 5 2004 20:42:09 - Glasgow, Scotland.

Webmaster comments   Chuck, we read your post in our guestbook a few days late, so you might already have found your answer. As I remember, there are 3 types of shinkansen service available. Nozomi is the fastest, as it makes fewer stops, and it isn't covered on the JR pass. But from what I remember from the timetables it really only cuts a few minutes off a trip from Tokyo to Fukuoka/ Hakata, anyway. The other shinkansen services are plentiful, and VERY fast. You won't miss not being able to use Nozomi.

And we all loved Scotland. (It was my second trip) Folks are so friendly and made us all feel like family.

Miriam Ortiz Rush
My husband & I are going to Puerto Rico on 7/3 and we want to do the same thing as you- tour the island. My parents are from Puerto Rico. I was born in the states. I have visited the island but never toured it. My family is from Barranquitas. I enjoyed your journal. Thank you for sharing.
Monday June 21 2004 19:13:03 - Cleveland Ohio

Bill Schmelter
I was researching no-see-ums, and stumbled across your site. It was very interesting, and you are a very good photographer.
Tuesday June 15 2004 13:16:52 - Ann Arbor, MI

Friday June 4 2004 09:37:21 - KY

Hi there. I am travelling to Bolivia and Peru in two weeks with my husband and have been checking the web for useful tips, your page has been fantastic!
Enjoy the rest of your travels!
Thursday June 3 2004 09:32:57 - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Phat Nat
This is a great site !!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday June 2 2004 03:10:36 - The World

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