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Bill Smith
Hey Tom, You Sure are sexy!
Too bad you're straight!!!

Monday September 20 2004 15:19:00 - San Francisco CA

Webmaster comments   And married. But thanks for the flame.

Kerry Willingham |
GREAT Japan Pictures! Just net surfed from google .. was in Japan on tour with US Army Field Band a good while ago.. but your "travel-log" was most excellent!
Monday September 13 2004 09:48:35 - Annapolis, MD

Rob Dickinson
Yo i have plans to go on vacation to japan after i graduate High shcool.after collage i plan to move to japan. thanks to your site i know a little more of what to expect.
Tuesday September 7 2004 20:34:56 - 14 year old junior (HS) 6

Webmaster comments   You will definitely be noticed in Japan! Always be ready to duck your head. Things aren't really designed for people your size. We wish you the best for your travels.

Nice site but you miss Ponce area Gunica beaches Gilligans Island Ponce Night Life on Fridays 2 saturdays at the wancha but you did get my birth town Albonito. i was born in P.R. raise in Brooklyn and just move here 10 months ago so next time visit ponce AREA e-mail i'll tour guide you for a day
Thursday September 2 2004 08:31:44 - Guayanilla Puerto Rico

Webmaster comments   Thanks for the offer, Jose. We may take you up on it someday. We just didn't plan nearly enough time to see your entire island, so we missed Ponce and more. Puerto Rico is really a beautiful place. I'm contemplating retiring there... unfortunately that's a long way off.

hey guys thanks 4 the photos they are great i was born around that area a small village called dajaos south of the places u visited it realy is breath taking i own 16 and half acres out there my mom left me i havent been down there for about 5 years last time i was there there was a huricane scary stuff my wife keeps on telling me i should go and fix the old house so other people can visit the area and enjoy it to when i raid some of your stuff i thought about that ive thought about it a couple of times i think people would realy like to have theyre own place to stay at while visiting the center of the island it truly is beautifull now there are some areas that are even farthere into the mountains for instance theres a house near dajaos way inton the mountains about 1 to 2 hundred years old there isnt a nail on this structure its a huge old house made of self cut timber i use to go to puertorico when i was a kid and ride all over these mountains and cerros.well thats enough bable que dios los the time to go is in october coffee season ive always wanted to bring people down to stay with the people and pick coffee think it would be a great experience if u like coffee.bye now
Thursday August 26 2004 10:34:23 - ocala florida but from dajaos villalba

I travelled around the world, from Los
Angeles to Melbourne, crossing India,
Malaysia, the Middle East and Central America, Jamaica and Aruba, from Bergen(Norway) to Casablanca....
My place is PUERTO RICO. How about that !

I live in Brussels, Belgium, am 66 and
intend to move to the east side of the
island within a couple of month.
Nature is beautiful, people are extremely friendly, etc...
I just came back from a 3 week vacation
in the Lares area...
This was, I guess my 10th visit to amazing PUERTO RICO !!
Friday August 20 2004 09:19:31 - Brussels, Belgium

Hi Tom, Jana!

I was looking for a hotel to San Cristobal de las Casas and your web site just poped up from Google..
Thank you for your help in organizing my trip to Messico :)
I wish you both a very good day,

Tuesday August 17 2004 03:52:52 - Milan, Italy

Webmaster comments   We'd love to hear about your trip when you return. We think Chiapas is really one of The Great Places to travel. Tell us what we missed!

john |
Cool site!!!!! :-), 7q!
Thursday July 29 2004 03:25:14 - USA

Jose Oquendo
Thanks for visiting my hometown, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. When growing up I wonder why Adjuntas was called the "Suitzerland of Puerto Rico" Recently I found a link that explains it all: It was President Theodore Roosevelt who stopped by Adjuntas in 1906, that actually described in a letter to one of his sons the landscape of this town as Suitzerland-like.
Saturday July 24 2004 09:26:10 - Freeport, New York

Webmaster comments   Thanks for the link, Jose. That explains part of it, but we thought it odd that Adjuntas is known as "The Switzerland of the Caribbean" and that Aibonito is known as "The Switzerland of Puerto Rico". Anyway, they are both very pretty towns in the interior of the island. I never used to think of Puerto Rico much beyond San Juan because we never hear much about it, but we are happy that we tried to see what we could of the interior of PR on our visit. It's very different from what most visitors see!

Good idea to document your trip but why be so negative.....every other post was a complaint about one thing or another......

I've been to all of those places more than once and you missed out on a lot.....

Oh, but you got to see the Enterprise in DC! Wooohoo........not.........
Thursday July 22 2004 13:50:50 - why do you care........

Webmaster comments   You confuse negativity with sarcasm. A textbook account of our travels would be no fun to write, and probably not much fun to read either. Interesting that your post is so sarcastic. (Negative?) And how could anyone expect to not miss a lot with only a week? I lived in the DC area for 11 years and still feel like I missed a lot.

You won't like our next journal, either. We are currently traveling in the midwest seeking roadside oddities (World's Largest Catsup Bottle, Cars on a Spike, etc.) We also traveled through Riverside, Iowa - Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk! WOOOHOO! We only regret that we hadn't the time to visit the World's Largest Ball of String. Maybe next time...

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