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Well i was just searching for an information and i found the puerto rico journal and i liked it very much. I live in Caguas Puerto Rico and right now is frezzin as hell. I am very glad that people like you can describe a trip correctly, not only looking for bad things, but by admiring the beauty. Is true that Puerto Rico that Puerto Rico has its problems, but about the money that we receive.. well we produce 70 billion dollars a year to the US and we receive 14 billion every 4 years, so... i don't really say Puerto Ricans are stealing from the US, but i'm glad and proud to be an american citizen.

Puerto Rico is a continent as you start describing it and it has so much variety that me, that i have been born and spent my whole life on this island, still i haven't seen everything.

Hope you can come again.

Sincerely Alejandro
Sunday February 6 2005 17:29:04 - Caguas Puerto Rico

Jared Blackley
I liked your photos of the Copper Canyon region. I've been there once and plan to return for a month or so this summer. It's too bad your sight has no pictures from the elevated deserts of southern Utah, though. If you've never visited Utah, I highly recommend it. The state has more National Parks and Monuments than any other save Alaska. Spectacular! Cheers!
Wednesday January 26 2005 14:10:52 - SLC, UT

Anthony Arnold
I like
Sunday January 23 2005 12:14:47 - usa

jil |
Tres bon site bravo!
Thursday January 20 2005 19:04:06 - paris

Webmaster comments   Merci beaucoup!

madeline gonzalez arce
thank you for all the beautiful pictures of my dear puerto rico. keep the great work going . I really enjoyed the pictures and all the written comments of your fabulous trip. thank you again.
Friday January 14 2005 19:36:44 - fl

stephanie powers
I spent alot of time there screwing around as a kid living at the lakeshore apartments. glad to see it still standing
Monday January 10 2005 02:20:56 - california

Heather |
I love your pages about Japan. I'm planning a visit to Hiroshima to see a friend from high school, and your pages have served as a learning tool as to what to expect on my trip!
Thursday January 6 2005 01:43:50 - Missouri

Your problem with annoying Canadians, who as you put it piss you off by putting our maple leaf patches on our backpacks, most likely wouldn't be problem if we didn't have to do so to avoid the multitudes that your nation HAS pissed off...(regards to Peru/Bolivia travel Journal) being someone that has travelled to 35 countries I have seen this first hand time and time again. Don't get me wrong I have absolutely nothing against Americans (I have friends and family living in the US) just with your ridiculous opinion stated.
-Canadian with stung pride
Wednesday January 5 2005 02:31:00 - Canada

Webmaster comments   OK, a little context here so those who read your post don't think we're anti-Canadian. We are speaking of people who display their leaf primarily to let others know they are not from The United States. That's not to say all people with maple leaf patches have them for that reason, but you are by far not the first to admit to us that this is common among our bretheren to the north.

What is so annoying is this misguided idea that Americans are looked down upon by the rest of the world. We are treated as well as anyone else when we travel. Americans have a reputation for generosity, we spend more money when we travel than most other people, we tip well, etc. When people learn we are from the USA, they don't go on a rant screaming about American foreign policy- they usually say something along the lines of "I have a cousin in New Jersey."

If you met a Cuban tourist in Canada, would you pile on him and blame him for the oppressive conditions in his country? People don't act that way. Most people in the countries we travel have a general distrust of ALL governments, and can seperate the person from the place. You can wear a t-shirt that says "Don't kill me- I'm Canadian" as far as I'm concerned, but I just think it's silly, if not paranoid. But we love you anyway.

Moved to puerto rico to retire about 2 years ago.
Could only take about 15 months worth, and moved back to the states.

The island has a LOT of problems.
Very high crime, rampent drug use, prostitution, very poor educational system and very poor infrastructure.

You can't even walk on some beaches because of all the used syringes!
(In some of the most surprising places!)

The most scary part was the crime statistics wasn't reported correctly. Saw more than one decapitated body with all limbs cut off with NO blood anywhere being reported as a traffic accident!
The gangs here like to decapitate their rivals.
So that the PR government doesn't jeaperdise the $14,000,000,000.00+ / year aid that comes to the island curtisy of US tax payers.
(No federal tax in Puerto Rico.)

Shooting and muder even in tourist areas and "exclusive" areas like 1 block from the Cartier store in condado!

Go check out their prison near CompUSA! It's newer, fancier and better funded than their best school in San Juan!

I'm so glad to be off that island.

They need to bring Singapore's punishment by Kane-ing to this island.
Cuz most just don't get the education needed. They vote PDP or independent party governement, which is a failure. (In scope of poor infrastructure, high crime, rampent drug use, poor education system.)
Wednesday January 5 2005 00:27:29 - Georgia

Nelson Ortega
Thank you for visiting my home town Maricao in Puerto Rico last year. I have not been in Puerto Rico for the past 5 years and I miss it.
Wednesday December 29 2004 20:36:11 - Las Vegas, Nevada

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