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I, too, took exception to the comment about Canadians wearing their flag to distinguish them from Americans. Americans, in general, are very nice people; it is those "Ugly Americans" that give their countrymen a bad reputation, and you, sir/madam are, to me, one of those "Ulgy Americans". We Canadians will show our distaste intellectually, which, in cases such as yours would go unnoticed due to the fact that your braying closes out all rationality. Maybe it would be best if you stayed in your little geographic part of the world and let others enjoy discovering on their own, without having to endure trite comments from more "wordy" persons.
Tuesday March 1 2005 08:53:42 - Canada

Webmaster comments   Thank you for further making our point, Beth. We don't find anything intellectual about people who want their first impression to others to be that they weren't born in a specific place. We prefer to make our impression on how we treat people as individuals, and we judge others in that same way. Given that you expect people to judge you by where you live, should I also assume that's how you judge them?

I wish a Canadian would tell me they wear their patch because they love Canada, because I'm sure that's why some do, but so far we have only gotten posts like yours confirming what we wrote.

-Tom Goetz

Thanks for sharing your trip and pics. I am going to puerto rico soon and enjoyed your narative.
Monday February 28 2005 15:05:57 - San Antonio Florida

Ian Phillips |
Nice pictures! I hope to head to Bolivia in October
Happy travels!
Saturday February 26 2005 15:53:41 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Webmaster comments   I enjoyed your website as well!

warren r. waggy
Next time in Franklin give us a HOOT!!
Friday February 25 2005 14:23:40 - Franklin WV

Webmaster comments   Will do, by God!

los miradores mas del mundo
Monday February 21 2005 10:10:09

Gail and Russ Brandt
This website is like a breath of fresh air! I first checked it out because we'd been to Puerto Rico/Culebra in 2003 and wanted to know about your trip. (We had a great time, though we did defy the sharks and get in the ocean). Anyway, loved how you do your travel independantly...have only looked at your Mexico, PR and U.S. trips so far, but will ck them all out.
I grew up in Detroit back in the 50/60s, and my Dad always took us "somewhere" every year. One year, Bar Harbor (in Nov!), one year the Outer Banks (in March!) was hard for him to get summers off...but anyway, it bred in us a desire to get out and see things. Luckily my husband is up for this stuff too. Anyway, thanks for sharing your trips. Really enjoying them...
p.s. if you ever want to go back to PR, ck out Culebra...a $3 ferry trip east out of Fajardo...there are some reasonable guesthouses in town. Very quiet, beautiful beaches. Vieques is supposed to be good too, but we haven't gone there as of yet.
Friday February 18 2005 05:26:45 - Freezing Interlochen, MI (near Traverse)

Luis Gonzalez
I am originally from PR, but have been living in MN for the last 5 years. I find your Puerto Rico trip website really accurate and informational, much more than any tourist book or magazine I'd seen. I will be taking my german girlfriend and her parents there next month and I have already pointed them to it so they can have an "real" idea of what to expect. Nice work and thanks!
Tuesday February 15 2005 23:40:29 - Rochester, MN

This is really helping me alot on my project on Venezuela.
Tuesday February 15 2005 16:52:40 - CT

thanks, im planning to take my wife (andrea)and children(jessica16, eric13 and garrett10) to see mexico this summer and had copper canyon on my list what else would you suggest.
Thursday February 10 2005 22:42:07 - calif

Elitza Mladenova
Thank you for sharing your experience with a stranger and making her feel part of your trip! I just visited Puerto Rico, and am working on a project about Old San Juan. Your page was very helpful!

Thursday February 8 2005 21:09:21 - Phoenix, AZ

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