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Aunt Troy
Great trip! Loved the pictures
Tuesday April 26 2005 17:25:10

chris zabawa |
I stumbled across your page while looking for a map of bus routes in San Juan PR. We are going there Friday for the weekend and your scrapbook is very helpful. Thanks.
Wednesday April 13 2005 17:28:13 - DC

Joan Zenke (culvertlady) |
You didn't walk on the right path at the Bluffs park, some early mornings are just beautiful. There are some lookout spots that are good views of the entire river valley. But don't ask for help from the park manager
Monday March 28 2005 18:42:03 - Nodine, MN

Webmaster comments   Hi Joan, We were there far too late in the day, as also evidenced by our shadowy picture of Culvert Man. We could tell that there were some potentially good views in the area, we just didn't have enough time to find them. Thanks for the tip, though.

I came accross your web page while doing a search for price tags. I don't know why, but here I am. I am very interested in your findings there in Japan, I would like to travel there over the summer and would like to pick your brain if I may. would you be willing to send me an email where I could reach you? By the way, great pictures! Makes me what to go there...
Wednesday March 23 2005 17:03:57 - Chicago

Luis Isea
I am impressed with your work, it's quite amazing, i am an Venezuelan teenager, i don't know how to speak english very well but i try, i really like your photos and the story you wrote about Venezuela, it reflects the time we were living at that date, i hope you can visit us again so we can show you all the new stuff we've got.
Wednesday March 23 2005 12:20:46 - Caracas, Venezuela

WOWWWWWWWWW great work man. Thanks for inspiring me :)
Tuesday March 22 2005 12:48:50 - Finland

Mary Colores
Thank you for this beautiful page where I found many things about Chiapas. I am an English teacher at a Mexican school, I am mexican but I really donīt understan why it is so difficult to find informationa about our states in the internet and learn about it, here in shcool at the end of the year we will have an Fair about all the states in the Mexican Republic and mine is Chiapas and being in the internet I found your page and I got a lot of photos with its information, thank you again, the thing with us mexican is that sometimes we know other countries better than ours it is a pity I know. Thank you agiain. Mary Colores.
Monday March 14 2005 09:41:02 - Mexico, City

Peg Ouellette
Spent last night reading "Off the Beaten Path" on PR then spent the last 1/2 hr. laughing while reading your PR trip journal-thanks for telling us about the inaccuracies.

We're going to spend a week in PR in April with our seven yr old twins after putting them through their paces in southeastern Arizona last month. We are psyched they are now old enough to carry a pack and hike mostly without whining.

Your pics are also great-I'm bookmarking your site to share with my husband-it gives a better picture of the island than any other resource I've seen. Thanks so much for your efforts.

I'll have to check out your other trips-although we're not official stalkers we may just end up following you around the world.

Tuesday March 8 2005 10:13:09 - Berkshire County Massachusetts

Webmaster comments   Gotta warn you- we make plenty of mistakes too. Just try to double-check any potentially conflicting info. We got lost a few times in P.R. so we are by no means a definitive source! Hope you have fun and see the island and not just the resorts!

You did a great job on your Puerto Rico journal. Having lived there for 5 years, I know the island very well and you have covered it thoroughly and accurately.

Nice work!
Wednesday March 2 2005 08:32:42 - St. Paul, MN

I, too, took exception to the comment about Canadians wearing their flag to distinguish them from Americans. Americans, in general, are very nice people; it is those "Ugly Americans" that give their countrymen a bad reputation, and you, sir/madam are, to me, one of those "Ulgy Americans". We Canadians will show our distaste intellectually, which, in cases such as yours would go unnoticed due to the fact that your braying closes out all rationality. Maybe it would be best if you stayed in your little geographic part of the world and let others enjoy discovering on their own, without having to endure trite comments from more "wordy" persons.
Tuesday March 1 2005 08:53:42 - Canada

Webmaster comments   Thank you for further making our point, Beth. We don't find anything intellectual about people who want their first impression to others to be that they weren't born in a specific place. We prefer to make our impression on how we treat people as individuals, and we judge others in that same way. Given that you expect people to judge you by where you live, should I also assume that's how you judge them?

I wish a Canadian would tell me they wear their patch because they love Canada, because I'm sure that's why some do, but so far we have only gotten posts like yours confirming what we wrote.

-Tom Goetz

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