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Pedro E
Cool page!
Monday June 20 2005 01:24:24 - Merida

Tom T |
Really enjoyed your web page. My wife and I were there at roughly the same time . Check out our pictures - you'll recognize some of the shots! Luckily, we knew someone from there who let us stay at his casita near Utuado - it was great.

I found your page while looking for references to the highest point on the island that is accessible by car. (Google)
Thursday June 16 2005 11:42:52 - Ohio

Webmaster comments   Your photos really do look familiar. But since you were looking for information about Cerro de Punta, I'd suggest you have a look yourselves next time in P.R. The Ruta Panoramica is really a beautiful drive. Looks on a map like you could do it in a day, but give yourself three or more. We didn't even have time to finish it, and we travel very quickly. We'll have to get to the east side of P.R. on the next trip.

Happy trails!

seeing your pictures of my hometown Parral chihuahua made me home sick i have not been there almost twenty years when i saw the hometown plaza or square i remember my father and mother tooks us there every sunday to play and eat, i really enjoyed the pictures.
Tuesday June 14 2005 21:43:38 - Phoenix arizona

Yamilka Baez
I'm from Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, so it was very nice to find your page with photos and your story.
But, the pizza is not the only food also, "carne frita con mofongo" and "arroz con habichuelas".
Monday June 6 2005 14:32:28 - Mississippi

Webmaster comments   You gotta admit, there's a pizza place on every block in every city in Puerto Rico! Next time we'll have ours with mofongo and habichuelas as toppings. That will be a surprise! Sorry we aren't the adventurous diners but we loved P.R. anyway.

sue mello
I'm looking for hints for a trip to Bolivia nad Peru and found you... liked very much... we took this trip very long ago and are going back with friends... things seem to be diferent and the same...
Wednesday May 25 2005 15:35:55 - in São Carlos, state of São Paulo, Brasil


Very interesting photos from your travel.
I like to travel too :)

I'm from Europe, it is very interesting photos from South America.
Wednesday May 25 2005 07:39:20 - Ukraine

Marcel Ulmann |
On your page you have a view of the funicular and aerial railway at Bogota.

Have you got other views of the funicular? Could I use the photograph on your page for my website? Thanks for replying.
Wednesday May 11 2005 11:08:48 - Zürich, Switzerland

Webmaster comments   No problem! Thank you for asking permission to use our pictures. Our extras are on the way to you.

Rick Keating
Greetings from Swift Current Saskatchewan - Very nice web-page.
Awsome travel shots
Monday May 9 2005 21:39:44 - Saskatchewan Canada

enyod watching your travel photos, nice work
Monday May 9 2005 12:15:50 - Wien

Pretty Cool pictures!
Any recomendations for travelling in Bolivia on bike?
Sunday May 1 2005 12:58:29 - Ottawa, Canada

Webmaster comments   Daniel, The only biking we did in Bolivia was La Paz to Coroico, and we highly recommend that ride! But I can suggest a couple of websites with some other information:

These journals were published in a book called "Travel Diary Bolivia", (our journal is in the book as well) The book has a few other cycling journals too. You can find it on if you are interested. Have a great time- Bolivia is amazing!

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