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Mary Johnson
Great job, ready to drive:)
Saturday June 8 2013 22:48:48 - Illinois

Thank you for the informative Puerto Rico Info; Steve.I have planned a two week trip to the Island March 25th- April 8th/2013.My rental car will have the GPS navigation option.hopefully in English.Looking forward to my travels throughout the Island.
Friday March 15 2013 05:46:42 - Ontario Canada

Pamela Neighbors
Great trip Jana! Mark and I would like to go there some day.
Wednesday January 2 2013 14:39:04 - Edmond, Oklahoma

Steve Goetz
Great read on your New England trip. You vacationed at the right time of the year before all the leaf peepers. I like the baby heads sculptures from the Boston Museum. They should put them on top of the Bubbles in Acadia.
Sunday December 9 2012 19:33:31 - New Carlisle, IN

Alice Kawan
It's fun to take these trips "with" you and I always learn a little history too. Thanks for sharing. The funniest part to me was the accent story. I felt the same way when we were in Ireland. Now I think I'll go have some bacon.
Sunday December 9 2012 14:11:12 - Rancho Mirage, CA

Chuck & Troy Brown
Sounds like a trip we would like to take. As usual a great job on the journal.
Sunday December 9 2012 07:33:15 - Indiana

John Goetz
Glad you got the picture of Steve's point. Also glad you did not see his skull and bones out there.
Monday August 6 2012 08:49:28 - New Fairfield, CT

Dad & Joan
Enjoyed the pictures. Looked like an exciting trip. It was great meeting with you and the grandsons in Palo Alto. See you in the fall.
Thursday August 2 2012 15:57:28 - Sweltering in Oklahoma heat.

Alice Kawan
Beautiful, spectacular, perfect pictures. And great text too. We always love your travel blogs. Thanks for sharing.
Wednesday August 1 2012 22:56:16 - Rancho Mirage, California

Jean Brown
My favorite place in all the world is Yellowstone National Park. I dreamily looked at your pictures of hayden valley and lamar valleys. I have fond childhood memories of those to places. When my husband and I went to Yellowstone, the first time for him, I was transported immediately back to childhood when I saw the valleys. We saw grizzly and tons of buffalo, etc. How long since you have been back? If you don't hike, are there areas in Glacier to just get close to lakes and just sit or picnic, etc. We plan to go in June of 2012
Monday November 28 2011 19:17:07 - Missouri

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