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carlos |
quisiera ayuda para conocer PR
Tuesday November 1 2005 15:29:40

Maria L Araujo
Hi I am very happy to see a picture of parral chihuahua I haven`t see a picture in a long time I am from parral and Im very happy to see my city its beautiful thank you and keep taking pictures and put them in the internet thanks.
Saturday October 29 2005 14:04:58 - Miami Fl

Gamaliel Negron | none, sorry@@
This was just awesome!! I loved it!! I always wondered what americans(gringos) think about my lovely Puerto Rico, but every time I asked a "gringo" they tell me: (I've been in PR, San Juan is awesome), I never met someone going out and exploring the island and the inland of it which it's beatiful!! I'm from Villalba myself and I saw in your journal places that I've never seen in my life, and I lived there for 19 years!! I'm in the Coast Guard right know, I was station in Maine and now in Mobile!! Any way, your journal is really nice, I wonder if you guys spend all day writing in a note book, you got more details about PR than the National Geographic and Discovery Channel togheter!!
Good Job I should say!!
Thursday October 20 2005 22:25:16 - Mobile, AL

Brian |
You have to try to see a morning glory spillway when it's in use (i.e. has water flowing down it) They're really awesome (to use the word in it's true sense) I get scared when I get near one!

from brian dot j dot halliday @ ntlworld dot com (the address below is to fool them foolish robots!)
Monday October 17 2005 05:14:43 - Wales, UK

jesus mcbutchart
this pictures are beautiful!!!!!!
look like you all have a lots af fun
thanks for share this pictures
Sunday October 9 2005 11:17:07 - kansas

Abraham Marrero
I want to personally thank you for the trip that you made in La Isla de Puerto Rico. I am from Barranquitas which you guys stayed at. You made one hell of a ride and I am very proud of that. My family and I also do those types of adventures. We are located in New Orleans at this moment. That is how tourist should travel, the Goetz way.
Saturday October 1 2005 20:21:40 - Barranquitas, Puerto Rico. Coqui!!!

Steve Goetz
Jana and Tom,
I finally finished your journal. I felt like I was along for the ride with the beautiful scenery. I am amazed that you ate so well during the trip and had some of the comforts of home, like beer. I would love to explore all of those coves and waterfalls sometime.
Friday August 26 2005 09:30:08 - New Carlisle, Indiana

winnie wright
Wife to Ken, Mom to Angela and Jennie who were also on the Grand Canyon trip. WOW what wonderful pictures you took! The family had wonderful things to say about you both. Jennie wants a repeat!
Tuesday August 23 2005 12:18:30 - At work with Ken

Mark Neighbors
Your trip looks fun! I am glad you all had such a great time!
Saturday August 20 2005 22:02:28 - In my living room in Edmond

Hey Sunshine!
I think I enjoy reading your guestbook as much as your journal (except from the canadians)! Tom - best be careful if you go to San Francisco!
Saturday August 20 2005 18:05:18 - ok

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