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Hector Rivera Nario
Hey Tom, I am Hector i am 16 and live in Puerto Rico. I was looking threw internet ande noticed you visited us, I hope you had a great time here. As a puertorican I can tell you Old San Juan is the best touristic place here as there is so much history form the spanish and american as well as indian and african. I think you didnt went to any of puerto rico's museum where you could have learn a little more about us. La Perla is really a dangerous place and even more for tourist, a tip from me if you return just dont go down the stairs, apreciate the view but dont go down. The drivers at the bus, well I have never taken one but I thinkl I know what you meant, in Costa Rica the driver stoped 1 cm for the front bumper. I didnt know if you went to Ponce but thats another place where you could have gone and would have had a great time. The frankenshower, God i have never seen something like that but its funny though. I hope you liked Puerto Rico and if you have any question about us please email me.
Thursday February 2 2006 19:55:28 - Puerto Rico

marcia carrasco
nice photos!! We just came back from a 2 week Christmas vacation in San Lorenzo, PR. Hometown of singer/actor Chayanne. I look up things on the web for Puerto Rico because I enjoy the scenery. My husband has family in San Lorenzo. Next time you go there, try to find a restaurant in Orocovis that makes their own pork & also chiclen sausages. Served with typical Puertorican fare. The restaurant is on a hillside with a fantastic view of the banana plantations and mtn side. Check us out on the web too @ starke/gainesvilleKO My brother owns the business. We are a top rated facility.
Tuesday January 24 2006 12:13:26 - starke, fl

Thanks for your take on Ruta Panoramico, I needed to know how long it takes to travel it and what are the high points. You helped clear that up for me and I enjoyed your photos and comments!
Monday January 23 2006 18:44:19 - Southern New Jersey, Exit 10

Josh Soto
You guys are amazing, I have to congratulate you for your short passages on your pictures and the ones in Puerto Rico, I really enjoy them because only a puertorican can tell how his country is, and you know a lot of it. As a puertorican, my best and continue with your cultural work.
Sunday January 22 2006 20:10:41 - Puerto Rico

Congratulations! I enjoyed too much with your pictures, I'll go to Puerto Rico next thuesday and I learned in your page about same places and new rutes from me in that country. I'm thinking do a similar trip. Excuse me my bad English expresions, I'm spanish and I don't write a good english. I hope your trip to Spain was very nice for you, we're good people. Best regards ;-) Angel.
Friday January 6 2006 17:48:55 - Spain - Madrid

Me encantó su album de fotos, esta super interesante. Soy puertorriqueña y las fotos de la isla se ven espectacular, CONTINUEN CONOCIENDO EL MUNDO!!!
Friday December 30 2005 10:16:06 - La bella isla del encanto, Puerto Rico

Eric and Anita
Nice photo book on Peru and Bolivia we are going to do about the same trip Cheers
Monday December 26 2005 16:32:24 - Peru Arequipa

What an AWESOME vacation you had! Gorgeous pictures and the journal was a delight to read. I felt like I was right there with you.
Thursday December 15 2005 20:51:46 - Waseca, MN.

Hector Lopez
Thank you for sharing your pictures, it was nice to see pictures of my home town of Durango, looks like you guys had a good time, thanks for visiting!
Thursday November 24 2005 19:24:40 - Fremont, Calif

Jose Andres Bryan
I live in Puerto Rico.! this site is realy good
Wednesday November 16 2005 18:18:25

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