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george taylor
inlaws own land where unexcavated portions are. the inscribed blocks are interesting. search under inscribed bricks of comalcalco (may be engraved) supposedly they show Roman Christian here 1000 yrs before columbus.
Monday April 3 2006 10:44:01 - comalcalco tabasco mexico

Iris Torres
It has been a pleasure to visit PR from your journal. I am a puertorican, borned and raised there. I live in New Jersey now and miss my little piece of heaven! Thank you for the opportunity and kudos to Tom for the excellent pictures. I definetely enjoyed your fun and honest narration.
Monday April 3 2006 10:04:18 - Jersey City, NJ

My father's family is from Jiminez and I thought it was a small town, basically a cross roads.
Friday March 24 2006 17:38:51

Webmaster comments   Yes, you are right about Jiminez. We were only there to catch a bus!

I hope you enjoy the best of Puerto Rico. The picture you take are wonderful. Have nice day!!
Wednesday March 15 2006 06:01:11 - Naguabo, (Coast East)f Puerto Rico

Frances Kaleta
Great pictures! I am familiarizing myself again with the sites. I have not been to Puerto Rico since my grandmother past away in 1997. I am going back to Aibonito this April 2006 to visit my sister. Thanks for bringing back the memories.
Thursday March 2 2006 11:08:16 - Stuart, Florida

alex cruz
I`M from barranquitas,next time u guys are in town go to LA VEGA and find me ill bring u to beautiful places in BQTAS like torrecilla,la mericutana and el canon san cristobal u guys will have a good time i promise
Sunday February 19 2006 08:36:32 - BQTAS

Nice site, just spent the last half an hour reminicing of my own visits to chiapas, palenque and tikal/guatemala. Such wonderful places. Funny diary. Nice website. Nice pics. Cheers Stef.
Monday February 13 2006 05:25:18 - Leeds, England (over the pond)

Sue Park
Very interesting account. Friends and I are heading to Costa del Sol in April for three weeks. We will be visiting Granada, Seville, Morroco, Ronda and as yet to be decided places. Hope to travel by bus or train between towns.
Saturday February 11 2006 15:06:52 - Denver, Colorado USA

Cindy Chapman
All I have to say is WOW!!!! You have a life that I sure envy. From a person that loves to travel, but not alot of money to do so, I guess I will have to live among your homepages. Brian your family gave me the webpage,and I have to say I am impressed. I to o have snorkeled and loved it,but nothing compared to what you have experienced. Good luck in future travel and will look forward to all other visits you take. Cindy
Friday February 3 2006 18:08:58 - Oklahoma City

Bridgett Neighbors
Trip looked like fun! Everything was so beautiful!!!
Friday February 3 2006 07:19:39 - China

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