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Thanks, Tom, for the slice of life as seen through the eyes of an American drifting. Cool photos all around
Wednesday April 26 2006 14:34:22 - Chicago

Lonny Haynes
Hey Sunshine!! Great Site :)
Tuesday April 25 2006 14:29:00 - Dallas, TX

John Goetz
Hey Tom, looks like you had another awesome trip, and I am glad to see what Dean finally looks like. Reading about CBG got me thinking of Lotto Boy in Denmark and that one of these days we should post the Scandinavia trip, before it gets too outdated (I wonder if the Hyters are still widely used). You're also inspiring me to write up the trips Kathy and I take, although of late they lack some of the color found in yours. Take care!
Thursday April 20 2006 19:27:25 - New Fairfield, CT

Webmaster comments   Oh, and don't forget "Hungy Jack" riding his bicycle from trash can to trash can scoring a free lunch!

David Bandley
Thank you for the interesting travelogue you presented regarding your honeymoon in Mexico. I found it very interesting.
Thursday April 20 2006 19:21:20 - Los Angeles, CA

Scott Buffington
Loved your story! We took a similar trip a couple of years ago (that journal is on the mainstreetnews website) and yes, it was the best trip ever. Your pictures turned out so much better than mine - how did you get so much light at Elves Chasm? What kind of camera did you use? Thanks for putting this online so we can all enjoy it.
Thursday April 20 2006 18:56:20 - Jefferson, GA

Webmaster comments   The Elves Chasm pictures were taken by one of our friends on the Grand Canyon trip. She used a Pentax Optio S4i. Don't know much about that camera. We were there late morning, which helped with the light. Most of the pictures from the Grand Canyon section were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4800, or a Canon Powershot G1. Glad you enjoyed our trip, as well as your own!

Love your pictures, I'm puerto rican born and race. I haven't have the opportunity to visit my island like you did. I'm glad you did. Good for you. This is what life is all about.
Wednesday April 19 2006 13:44:38 - Arizona

Good site with easy navigation. Thanks, i liked it.
Tuesday April 18 2006 21:50:41 - Belize

Great story, fun and well written, even pictures! I almost feel like I know you from reading it. Thanks for putting it on here. But Tom---Blind Date instead of frog chorus? Hope you had fun anyway lol. btw I found you on the internet (Google for the win)! I am trying to learn more about "out of San Juan" Puerto Rico. Thanks again!
Tuesday April 18 2006 09:43:21 - seattle

Webmaster comments   We didn't have many choices on our tv that night, but I suppose thats really no excuse for watching "Blind Date". But those frogs will drive you nuts after awhile!

Alice & Joe Kawan
Just spent two fabulous hours with your travels & pics. Joe says, "I want a camera like that!". So please let us know what it is. Thanks for the LA comments. Now come see a "real view" in the desert. I will revisit your travelog -- loved it!!! What a great trip.
Saturday April 15 2006 15:14:22 - Rancho Mirage, CA

Aunt Troy
Great trip!! I want to go to New Zealand and go zorbing.
Friday April 14 2006 08:38:53 - Connersville

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