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Another great travelogue. The pictures of the Alps were glorious!
Monday November 13 2006 17:41:37 - Knoxville, TN

Karen Yost
I am so glad Jennifer was able to make this trip with you, your husband Tom, and Brian. She wants to go again. My greatgradfather, Bruno Krannig, came from Bremen Germany, which is on the other side of Germany!. Someday maybe I too can be a "globe trotter". I don't think they make enough dramamine though, for me to fly that far. Your pictures are fantastic!! Great camera, great photographer! Spike is still the cutest doggy!!!!! Keep well.
Monday November 13 2006 14:37:45 - Oklahoma

Tom and Jana, I enjoy seeing the stories and pictures of places you have visited. While browsing through the pre-Jana trips I found something curious on one of them. On the Spain trip of 1998, Monday, November 23, 1998, there is a picture with a sign that reads "Casa Jana" that possibly refers to Jana's house as in a bed and breakfast type, but, you can also interpret that as "Wed Jana" - which Tom did - what a coincidence, huh?
Monday November 13 2006 13:15:35 - Jacksonville FL

Webmaster comments   COOL!

Thanks for the tour of Venezuela. My 2nd grader is doing a report on it in class.
Wednesday November 8 2006 17:18:15 - South Florida

Webmaster comments   Sure has changed a lot since I was there! Your second-grader probably wasn't even born yet when I wrote that journal. I hope you have found some more recent sources to use as well. Thanks for visiting and best wishes on the report!

nice pictures
Tuesday October 31 2006 08:09:48 - osseo senior high school

I just want to say that the guidebook did not exagerate the danger of LA PERLA, thats a very bad place not even cops want to go the I think that the goverment need the FBI or if not the marines. it sound crazy but thats the true. I whent there one time and i got out less that one minute. peace out 100% Puerto Rican Born there rased there now im in the bronx NY
Tuesday October 3 2006 22:17:04 - bronx ny

Veronica Vega
Great Story!!! I really enjoyed it. Its too bad that you did not enjoy some of the Local Cuisine. You truly missed out. We just came back from Puerto Rico last Sunday and we had a great time. It was not at adventurous as your vacation but we had a wonderful time and did get to drive around the island as well.
Friday September 8 2006 10:24:37 - New Jersey

Awesome honeymoon trip to Mexico Congratulations on your marriage! I'm from Durango mexico and I want to thank you for visiting my country and my hometown as well!
Sunday June 25 2006 22:04:30 - Chicago

Pamela Fisk
I'm amazed that you guys didn't eat Puerto Rican food during your incredible trip! It's truly delicious and would have helped you get through those periods when you forgot to eat! My husband and I bought a house on the northwest side of the island. There are so many wonderful Puerto Rican dishes.
Friday May 26 2006 13:16:59 - Currently in Puerto Rico

In 1999 my husband and I were in Puerto Rico just for 3 days. We also stayed in hotel Mathiesen. I just wanted to bring back memories and searched on the web for Old San Juan and Green Isle inn and I found your website. And I love it. It's like being there yourself. Thank you very much for the pictures and the stories.
Tuesday May 9 2006 15:33:21 - Suriname, South America

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