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Nathalieflor Feliciano
I love your pictures of PR. My husband, being a native of Camuy, appreciate those pics that you've taken. He had never been around the whole island itself, but we do love your pictures!
Saturday January 6 2007 17:34:43 - Spring Valley, NY

Malina Dockendorff
Thanks for the tour of Puerto Rico. My husband and I are headed there next week for our honeymoon and are doing a very similar driving tour of the island so it was great to get a preview of what awaits. Great photos!
Tuesday January 2 2007 10:38:13 - Ontario, Canada

E Perez
Hi, enjoyed your tales and pics, Juliaca really is a dump. epeqe!
Saturday December 16 2006 21:19:47 - Chilie

Webmaster comments   While I might be inclined to agree with your comments, I suspect you may be trolling... Where exactly is Chilie?

Julie Storr
Hi Loved reading your stories and seeing the awesome photographs. I was born in the UK and now live in New Zealand, so really enjoyed seeing places I know well through your eyes.
Monday December 11 2006 17:32:10 - New Zealand

Well done again Sunshine and Tom! Stephanie told me over Thanksgiving dinner today that she copied the picture of me in my snazzy lederhosen and sent it to several of her friends that did not know what they were. What do they teach at OU these days? So far I have only had 2 occasions to wear them here in Oklahoma. Prost!
Thursday November 23 2006 18:25:16 - home

Hi,. It was a pleasure for me to see pictures of places where I've been and call home town I could not help but to laugh when I was clicking thru the pictures you posted, while remembering experiences I had while touring Parral. True, there has been a noticeable and positive progress since I last visited Parral, but we can all agree there is always room for more improvement, like in "the sanitarios" and the "tourist's restaurant" However, I must say that Parral 'La Capital del Mundo' as it is called by its citizens, is a place with national history, It was once (if it isn't now) a main artery for comerce and transportation to and from different destinations in the state. Its people are welcoming and kind hearted, whom wont think twice to lend a helping hand to whom ever might require it. In overall, Parral is and will always be a place that I proudly can call home. (one minor typo I noticed The name of the adjecent town Jimenez, was spelled by you as Jim(I)nez, as opposed of Jim(E)nez){but then again I am no spelling king}
Wednesday November 22 2006 02:29:54 - Los Angeles CA

Steve Goetz
Tom and Jana, I enjoyed your journal very much. I got a good laugh reading about the mysterious radio, the daily sausage breakfasts, Tom's dirty clothes and f*cking, Austria. CatsthatlooklikeHitler-dot-com - nice! Murren looks awesome. I think the Alps are the most dramatic mountains I have never seen. Prost!
Thursday November 16 2006 21:15:40 - New Carlisle, Indiana

Dino Flores
Hi, i loved your trip's pictures. I was surfing goggle EARTH and by doing so go to your adventure. I loved it and have the page bookmarked. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures and text
Thursday November 16 2006 10:06:53 - Curacao, Antilles

Mark Neighbors
Great Trip! I am glad Brian did not have to report anything bad to me. Whew!
Wednesday November 15 2006 11:22:29 - Edmond, Oklahoma

The scenery is beautiful!
Tuesday November 14 2006 23:00:04 - Norman, OK

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