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Jack Townsend
Enjoyed viewing and reading of your driving tour of PR. We are probably going to do a similar in February of 2008 after our three weeks in St. Thomas, but will only have a couple of days, so we will have to pick and choose a little more carefully. Your trip report was "linked" when I searched for "Puerto Rico driving tour."
Saturday March 10 2007 06:30:17 - Skokie, IL

Paul Scott
Hi Tom , Found your site by Google image search for New Zealand Canyon swing. Heading down under in a few weeks and got a few good ideas on how to nearly kill myself and have a good laugh at the same time from you and Janas entertaining reports. Some of your photos are stunning mate ! Nice to see you've been to my home town of Perth Scotland but whats this about it being 'cold as a bastard'!??? LOL Next time you visit you should make it in the summer - Last year that was on July the 28th (Afternoon only) Happy Travel mate !
Thursday March 8 2007 03:50:38 - Perthshire Scotland

Kayla Gotz
I have the same last name as you just spelled different.My dad's name is Tom Gotz.Isn't that weird?
Friday February 23 2007 16:31:09 - Auburndale, Wisconsin

Bob & Nellyne Hanlin
Hi Tom. It looks like you and Jana really get around. We're envious! We enjoyed working with both of you in Mexico. Looking forward to next year. See Ya. I've put your site on our favorites. Bob & Nellyne
Saturday February 17 2007 10:40:00 - Oklahoma City

John Halloran
Hi Tom, I found your site on a google image search, keyword:Lago Garzas. I wanted to say that I loved your posting on Puerto Rico, the writing was a fun read, with rich photos. I moved my business to San Juan a month ago and wanted to thank you for the useful exploration tips and add a few bits of info for your readers. The aggressive driving works for a while, a month and a half to be exact, that is how long it took to swipe the whole right side of my 2007 Subaru. Puerto Ricans love holidays and parties. Puerto Ricans are extremely calm outside of there cars. Don't expect to get anything quickly, unless you ask six times, just like a child does to his mother. Puerto Ricans are resilient people. The women are some of the most beautiful in the world. This is a very real issue between my long partner Janet and I. Anyone living buy the beach can expect to empty 100 pints of water per day from the dehumidifiers. You will always wonder why so many people are driving $80,000 cars in conditions like this. Finding a good meal is not easy. In 1 month, I've had 3 people drive miles out of there way to give me directions. Living here despite several problems, makes you feel alive. You don't want to drive in San Juan on Friday afternoon.
Thursday February 15 2007 21:33:12 - Ocean Park San Juan, PR 00911

Thurman Reed
Your Puerto Rico journal is great - excellent photography and journal information. It will prove very useful for my wife and I when we visit the island in April. Travel and photography are our hobbies.
Sunday January 28 2007 13:25:36 - Scottsville, VA

Paola Germani
Lovely reading! I am currently studying Japanese (just because I like it!) and hope, one day or another, to go to japan like you did.
Friday January 26 2007 15:42:20 - Rome,Italy

Did a google image search for Aibonito and one of your photos came up. Enjoyed your trip to Puerto Rico, and as a Puerto Rican, I appreciate both the good and some of the criticism. As others have commented, I'm surprised that you didn't try the local food, which is everywhere. I've also visited several of the Latin American places you have been, and enjoyed your stories and remembering my own visits. I should put my photos online. I was in Pacaya last fall, and it was a lava fest! I spent some time in TN (Oak Ridge) and decided that if I was to live in a small town, only the one I grew up would do. But, have great memories of the Smokies, Mt. LeConte in the fall (spectacular), and a bit of Knoxville (this was before the Fair). Wishing you more good trips!
Thursday January 18 2007 21:56:07 - DC

carol rabenhorst
Your photography is delightful, to say the least. My husband and I traveled like both of you, many miles a day. Those are some of my favorite memories of hiking and camping. Please keep your website open to all. I will use your site for showing some of the best photos to my students. I teach a month-long unit on Yellowstone Park at our local community college.
Friday January 12 2007 12:32:40 - Westminster, MD

julio e diaz
beutiful pictures of puerto rico my wife and i are going to visit the island in four days .and this are some of the places we are visitng.thankyou guys
Wednesday January 10 2007 23:12:49 - miami fla.

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