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Javier Fontanez
Loved your Puertorican Vacation Journal. I couldn't stop laughing when I read "those guys drive crazy", is true. By the way Captain Danger is still alive. You still have to come back to visit the East and Southwestern coast, and you definitely have to try our food, not Subway or Pizza Hut. I'm glad that you enjoyed our little island.
Wednesday May 30 2007 06:30:06 - San Juan, PR

Monday May 21 2007 22:07:21 - I'M IN DENHAM SPRINGS

Webmaster comments   Hi Florence,

We got a flyer when we went to Jungle Gardens on Avery Island, and it had a little bit of info on the camellias. According to the flyer, Jungle Gardens has the world's most complete collection of camellias. Among their thousands of camellia plants, there are 750 to 1000 varieties, imported from France, China, Japan, plus new varieties produced on the island itself by hybridizing.. They bloom from November to March.

That's all we can tell you. I hope it's what you're looking for!

Lars Henriksson
Hello Tom & Jana! This really sounds great! I´m just planning to go there (alone) and was looking for info in internet. Found you via Google - just looked for "Viaje Toniná", and found some 10 pages. Did you take malaria Profylax? Was the trip organisation worth a recommendation?
Friday April 27 2007 09:35:59 - Germany

Webmaster comments   Hi Lars, We didn't visit the site of Tonina, but I'm sure you can arrange a tour at Ocosingo. You could probably also arrange a tour from San Cristobal de las Casas if you prefer to stay there. Hope you got some other ideas about what to do while in Chiapas from our pages. Malaria is not a big issue in Chiapas.

I have just returned from New Zealand and I just wish I could have stayed forever. Will definately do my best to go back and spend longer seeing all we missed. Enjoyed seeing your web pages and photos and I also kept a journal, but not as detailed as yours.
Friday April 27 2007 08:26:40 - UK

Nice, dude! I'm from México, I found your journal while searching for an image of the ESPINAZO DEL DIABLO (A school project about that road). I hope you'd had a nice time while being in México (hope "mis paisanos" had been nice to you ¬¬). Well, that's all, Hasta luego y que estén bien ^^
Tuesday April 24 2007 01:02:15 - Cd de México, México

Marcus Bula
Hello Tom and Jana, I found your site while Google image searching Ruta149. I had a great time viewing the pictures of Puerto Rico and reading your postings of your trip to the Island. I am positive it will be helpful when I visit "La Isla del Encanto" in May 2007. Probably we'll do something similar but shorter. Only have (5) days to spare.
Saturday April 14 2007 20:40:41 - Miami, Florida

Steve Goetz
Tom and Jana, I like your redesigned website. Keep up the good work! Steve
Thursday April 12 2007 00:39:27 - New Carlisle, Indiana

Excellent photos and narration of your trip to New Zealand. My husband and I spent three months in Taupo in 2002 and also did a 10-day trip to the South Island. We recognized many of the places you went too. Makes me miss New Zealand even more. We are going on vacation next week to the Pigeon Forge area and I was hoping to go on the Zorb, but according to their website it doesn't look open yet. I found your site when I googled "Zorb TN." Thanks for putting all that time into your site.
Monday April 9 2007 19:49:18 - Atlanta

Aunt Alice
Mucho gusto!!! Tres bien!!! Wow!!! Another fun read & loved the pictures. But I gotta tell you. Had Pedro been in my car he never would have made it home alive.
Sunday March 25 2007 20:20:21

Webmaster comments   Pedro was purchased with the intent of consuming him in New Orleans, but we did not have a knife large enough to slice him up in the hotel. We got him home and weighed him in at 10 pounds, then we chopped him up and added tequila. He was delicious!

For anyone who might be concerned, Pedro was a very large and most tasty pineapple- not the victim of a horrible crime. (He might tell a different story, though) This journal is online but not yet linked, so here's where to find our Gulf coast, Mexico, and Mardi Gras journal:

Carlos J. Lopez
Great Stuff. You've been places here on the island that I didn't know existed.
Thursday March 15 2007 17:56:01 - San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico

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