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I live in North Carolina since two months. You remain me my home near El Mirador Villalb-Orocovis. Thanks to shows good place at PR I miss my home and the good view a lot!
Friday November 2 2007 19:56:40 - Cary, NC

marshall reses
sounds like a great trip this is my favorite part of the country my wife and I try to get out there as often as possible
Saturday October 13 2007 11:48:02 - margate new jersey

Joseph Goetz
my dad, ironically named Tom as well, showed me your website. really cool.
Thursday October 11 2007 09:16:05 - Chattanooga, Tn

Roberto Brooks
Thanks, my mother grew up in Barranquitas, PR, and I plan to visit. This gives me a good idea of what to expect. Thanks again, Roberto
Tuesday October 9 2007 00:29:48 - Washington, DC

Pamela Weber
I googled you and was so happy to find a great site. We and 2 other couples are heading to PR in Jan/Feb 08. We intend to circle the island. Your site has been great fun. We have visited PR many times, but not the mts. Thanks for your site.
Sunday September 30 2007 18:17:01 - Traverse City, Michigan

Nancy Ludmerer
My husband and two friends and I just signed up for a six-day motor trip with Tour West. I found your journal scrolling around the web. I am glad you had a great time -- Tour West doesn't have quite as many testimonials as some of the other outfitters . . . We are going out on the first trip of the season -- April 28th -- so the heat will be less -- don't know about those bats! Anyway thanks for keeping such a great journal and photos. Any advice?
Thursday September 27 2007 10:14:05 - New York

Your pictures bring back wonderful memories of the time I spend in Peru in 1972. On the top of Whena pichu there is staircase carved into the stone cliff. I had be on fours to go down it was that steep and that scary. Thanks for sharing your trip.
Saturday July 28 2007 22:45:34 - Tempe Arizona

fernando l. perez
very nice pics tom, im from Puerto Rico, as a matter of fact you stopped in my lil town, castaņer, that was cool. I really enjoy your homepage, i'll need to build one too, im in the navy and had the oportunity to travel some nice places and got so many pics, anyway, i wish you fair winds and calm seas in your next trips.
Thursday July 19 2007 14:40:11 - whidbey island, WA

Thanks for having a great web site, found you through Google looking for info on Lagos Dos Bocas, 6 of us are going to PR in Feb, 08. You have given us wonderful info.
Tuesday July 17 2007 08:54:33 - Traverse City, Michigan

Kate Nye
I had recently been to Old San Juan (5/2007) and my 17 yr. old son and I found ourselves in the very midst of La Perla! Unknown to us that this was the most dangerous place in Old San Juan, we walked as though we knew where we were going, which of course we had no idea! We had just walked in from the cemetery below El Morro. As we walked toward La Perla our intention was to see more of the city. The sun was just about to set behind El Morro and I knew we needed to get to the other side of the hill to get to the docking port for the cruise lines. We got through with no harm, and with quite a story to tell! But, we had no idea how much of a story until later that week! At one point a couple of men yelled at my son who was going to take a photo of a beautiful mural that was on the side of one of the houses in a back alley (ha, all the streets there are alley ways!), telling him in Spanish, which neither of us speak!, not to take the photo. We could tell what they were yelling about by their hand motions! Other than that, our experience was quite interesting. It wasn't until later that I found out via my fiance's father, who worked in the area above the La Perla district as an architect years ago, that that area is known for it's "legal" drug dealing (the police refuse to go into that area as it's TOO dangerous!), and that he witnessed on numerous occassions people getting mugged for their cameras! And my son had a 35 mm with a very large lens attached hanging around his neck! And, I was wearing clothing that literally pegged me as a tourist in town! We were quite fortunate, but the experience was worth it. So good we had no idea the area was so dangerous! My suggestion is to stay away from that area. Even in a car!
Thursday June 14 2007 10:44:00 - Pa. - USA

Webmaster comments   Yikes! I think the cruise lines should warn people where the unsafe places are. It's in all the guidebooks, but not every cruise passenger will be carrying one for every destination. Glad you came out safely.

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