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mel dickson
a nice recounting of your travels. Sorry about Rowenas. :-(( I left NZ for Sydney long ago but always love the freshness of the air and countryside when I travel back.
Saturday January 5 2008 00:37:03 - Sydney, OZ

Brian Hipperson
I felt like I was "there" (and I have been, twice) in the Canyon while looking at your fabulous pics and reading the interesting commentary. You have done an excellent job of sharing your vacations and a big THANK YOU. I will mark this as a favorite site and check back from time to time to see where you go next. Your photos are among the best quality I have seen in all the Grand Canyon sites visited. Don't lose your camera!
Saturday December 29 2007 22:28:44 - Spokane, Washington

Dick Egner
What a great job. 4 of us will be doing the river for 4 days 3 nights in apr 08. we hiked the S.rim down and stayed at the ranch in 04. last yr we went rim to rim with a nite at the ranch. and now the river trip kind of completes it. enjoyed ur presentation. thank you for sharing.
Saturday December 29 2007 03:48:42 - now in Japan.but from Spokane, Wa

Ivo Wüst
A work colleague asked me for the words of "Ein Prosit" and I Googled into your site, amongst others. I spent the next half hour reading your very well written travelogue and had a good laugh to boot. Thought I just had to let you know the entertainment was well worth the diversion, I just couldn't stop reading.
Monday December 24 2007 03:18:04 - South Sfrica

whata long strange trip its been
Thursday December 13 2007 07:03:42 - cheboygan mich

Webmaster comments   Wow, I haven't heard from you in like, 18 years!!! How the heck are you????

Bridgett Neighbprs
Your pictures are great. The trip looked like alot of fun, and a real adventure!
Monday December 10 2007 00:16:08 - Norman

Alice Kawan
Except for the sweat and the mosquitos, I feel I was right there enjoying your adventure. What a great time and a perfect journal to remember it by.
Thursday November 29 2007 11:31:19 - Rancho Mirage, CA

Dad & Joan
Awesome - must have been a relief to to get back to Johanesburg with the Nissan almost in one piece. It would be amazing to see the zoo animals in the wild.
Wednesday November 28 2007 16:39:06

Felix Santiago
I am a Puertorican "expatriate" not having visited for decades but now that I retired am planning a visit. Enjoyed your account very much and will be checking your impressive list of trips. Two suggestions (based on having only seen the P.R. trip): Would have liked to see closeups of the two of you as well as pictures including some of the locals with whom you interacted. Good luck and stay happy together!
Wednesday November 21 2007 04:12:51 - Loomis, Ca.

Alan Flanigan
I have known Tom for several years. This is the first time I have seen the web site. I always suspected he was not quite right. This confirms it. Great pics from great trips. Alan
Saturday November 3 2007 18:12:09 - Knoxville, TN

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