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Pamela Neighbors
I loved it. The pictures were great. It looked like you had a wonderful trip.
Monday December 21 2015 10:58:51 - Edmond, Oklahoma

Alice Kawan
The quaint bars, shops and buildings. The views of the hills and mountains and the waterfalls. It's all beautiful and fun to read the text of your trip. Always eager for the next one.
Sunday December 20 2015 18:19:53 - Rancho Mirage, CA

LOVE the photos and journaling in your Iceland Adventure travel blog. Hoping to do something similar in June 2017. I will have 2 teenagers with me so at least I will have someone to wash my car.
Monday November 2 2015 21:40:00 - Blue Mountains, Australia

Rick Ruiz
I commend you for your adventurous spirit in exploring our island far away from the usual "tourist traps". The "Ruta Panoramica" (Panoramic Route) offers the best views anywhere on the island and you took advantage of it, kudos! You other visitors, enjoy the beaches and international cuisine, but also enjoy the forests, quaint towns, mountain vistas and local food. JUST GO!
Thursday August 20 2015 09:54:52 - Fort Worth, TX

Guys, great to see that the spirit of the old school internet still lives on. I love the site, especially the commentary and lack of commercial distractions. Thanks for your great work!
Friday July 17 2015 23:04:07 - Roaming

Alice Kawan
Wow! And many more wows! Your photos are truly incredible. What a treat to take this tour through your pictures. It's obviously an amazing country and I certainly appreciate you for sharing with us.
Thursday November 20 2014 20:21:06 - Rancho Mirage, CA

You did an excellent job with your journal! My husband and I made this trip two years ago from Glacier to Yellowstone to the Tetons so I recognized many of your photos. I'll save your journal because we plan to return in Sept of 2016 with our extended family and we will be sure to check your details again before we go. Many thanks for such a complete account of your travels!
Tuesday September 30 2014 13:31:25 - Pittsburgh, PA

Luis and Nimia Sanchez
We enjoyed your trip to Puerto Rico. That was great of you to see the island from the interior. My wife is from Adjuntas and My mom was from Aibonito. I was born in Mayaguez.
Friday September 19 2014 14:59:16 - Miami, Florida

Alice Kawan
A fantastic way to spend the first day of the year (2014), going through your journal. The pictures were beautiful and the text interesting. A great way to learn geography and history. Even saw our Smart Car in there. It was absolutely fabulous and I thank you for sharing it with us. Now I'm thinking you should see all of Italy, my favorite place in the world.
Wednesday January 1 2014 18:08:03 - Rancho Mirage, California

Pamela Neighbors
What a great trip!
Sunday December 22 2013 20:16:26 - Oklahoma

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