Welcome to Tom Goetz's
1997 Central American Photo Journal!

A photo documentary of my 18-day adventure through Guatemala, Belize, and Southern Mexico

Before we begin, let's play a little game. In the picture below, can you find the "Orange Crush" sign?

This picture was taken at Los Encuentros, Guatemala. This is basically just a crossroads and a transfer point for busses. When my bus pulled in, I thought someone was playing a practical joke. If I had a camera that took a 360 degree picture, you would see about 100 Crush signs. Wouldn't it be easier on the eye if they just put one sign as you enter town stating that EVERYONE here sells Orange Crush?

CLICK HERE to start the journal at the beginning, or use the detailed index below to jump to a specific area.

 Day 1   Cancun- Playa Del Carmen
 Day 2   Playa del Carmen- Chetumal
 Day 3   Chetumal- Belize City
 Day 4   Belize City- San Ignacio
 Day 5   Xunantunich
 Day 6   Caracol
 Day 7   San Ignacio- El Ramante
 Day 8   Tikal
 Day 9   Flores- Antigua
 Day 10  Pacaya volcano hike
 Day 11  Antigua
 Day 12  Panajachel, Lago Atitlan
 Day 13  Panajachel- La Mesilla
 Day 14  La Mesilla- San Cristobal
 Day 15  San Cristobal- Palenque
 Day 16  Palenque
 Day 17  Palenque- Valladolid
 Day 18  Valladolid- Cancun


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